Bullet Concentrates™

Bullet is a leading cannabis concentrates brand and creates strain specific vape pens and precise targeted extracts such as shatter and waxes for highly experienced cannabis connoisseurs.


Honu produces award-winning products ranging from edibles to topicals to vape pens.  The company is well known for its purple sea turtle logo that represents longevity, peace, good luck, humility and the spirit within.


Myaderm is a leading cannabis company producing transdermal CBD and THC pain creams that utilize pharmaceutical technologies to deliver cannabis deep into tissues where it can work directly on pain and inflammation.


Medamints, the original cannabis mints, are delicious, potent and sugar-free marijuana mints that provide a dependable dose of 5mg THC per mint making it easy to maintain the right medication level.


Strainz is a leading national cannabis brand management company.  Through its partnerships, Strainz is creating a portfolio of premium grade cannabis products from ratio vape pens to tinctures that are rigorously tested and certified to guarantee consistency and quality.



Zoots is a leading cannabis brand making handcrafted small batch edibles made with premium infused cannabis paired with unique blends tailored to your interests, desires and intentions.